Physical vs Social Distancing

Physical vs Social Distancing

PHYSICAL  Distancing          SOCIAL  Deepening

At this time of the viral pandemic, it is important to follow the guidelines to reduce the ease of transmission of the virus within our society.  PHYSICAL distancing, staying 2 meters apart and staying home unless it is necessary to leave it, as well as precautions for handwashing etc are logical.  We know how the virus spreads and there are logical steps to helping decrease the spread of illness.

Social distancing is a difficult term.  We need to keep up our social contact, feelings of caring and love, with others.   When we socially distance we experience the fear of others as the ‘contagious person’.   We could reframe our thoughts to realize that physical distancing is not a distancing from others with our care and concern.    So smile, wave, give the other person a sense of connection and caring.

Even more connecting is the state of presence.  If we are calm, whole and present, our very energy shines the light of connection to the other.  IT is the state of ‘No Other’, just One.   We feel one expansive awareness at our very source, rather than a fear that the other is a threat to us.

Consider Being Breaks regularly – it is the gift of unity, caring and the antidote to the experiences of feeling isolated, for ‘yourself’ and for all others.

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