LIFE Requires your attention and involvement

LIFE Requires your attention and involvement

Life requires absolute involvement.  With attentive awareness to everything, big or small, in every moment, wisdom unfolds gradually within you.

It is wise to drop the rules and values you hang onto as you realize that you are caught up in a ‘false and futile’ attempt to become a ‘good’ separate ‘me’, which uses a mental structure of assuming judgment.  That effort becomes a self-righteous and sacrificial  path in the illusion of both what life is and where it is.  It is all within.  Everything is happening from within.

Your inner hard drive needs repair.

Repair the viruses in your human consciousness – our consciousness would work harmoniously and joyfully without these distortions.   It causes us to over-identify with the body and survival.   That creates the focus on a ‘me’, a separate individual.  You are not separate from anything.

The virus is fear – making up programs that run  –  stop following fear and eradicate the virus through becoming aware of it, slow down to notice, and let it go – all will unfold in increasing perfection as you do.


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