FOCUS on what you DO WANT

FOCUS on what you DO WANT


Lester Levenson left us with the beautiful tool of releasing unwanted emotions, beliefs and thoughts that limit us from seeing the simple truth of who we really are.   And he also suggested that we could simply focus on what we do ‘want’.   We are used to focusing on the things we don’t like and want to prevent from happening in our lives.  We don’t give much attention to what it is that we would actually like to be, have or do.   It is one of the reasons he created a goals process – but not from wanting – from ‘having’ the goal already… being able to feel it so clearly that it becomes ‘real’ in our vision.

Interestingly, within medicine, there is a lot happening in the field of neuroplasticity that explores how to advance areas of the brain.   In many ways, this very suggestion Lester made to focus on what we do want, is a tool for developing the brain’s pathways in a positive direction.   This shift also equates to the movement from fear based thinking to love based thinking.    We have started to incorporate these brain techniques into our courses more fully.

Testimonial from our June 2019 course:

“Thank-you for the seminar. I am so grateful for the experience. The releasing left me lighter, gave me a greater sense of freedom and ease. As always, your course gives participants tools to expand and deepen the releasing process.You are always learning and I love how you share this with us. I expecially liked the practice of “expanding one’s neuroplasticity.” focusing on what we do want. After releasing on things that were weighing me down, focusing on bringing in the energy of peace and love was amazing.

The connections with the other participants in the group was also very special. I am ever so grateful 🙂

Love  Alyson

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