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I have been releasing for a year and a half. Aside from having the best health of my life, an ability to love and be loved and more money than I’ve ever earned or obtained in my life, I have found PEACE OF MIND. I live anxiety-free and have fun with a light heart and a clean mind. My problem solving ability has improved to a degree I never imagined and I am enjoying my life more than ever.

Mr. J. D. - Business executive,

I have meditated for many years, as well as doing different types of therapy, such as cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis and relationship work. While each practice has been beneficial in its own way, working with Karyn has given me a powerful tool for releasing negative emotions, stilling the mind and being present. When I practice releasing it works easily and simply. Now I know how to gain more of what was looking for in other methods.

Ms. L. M. - Corporate facilitator and coach,

This has also inspired me to have a momentum of cleaning up all of the stuff I have somehow been procrastinating on and it feels good – like I am clearing the way for space and new things.

Ms. A.G. – Vancouver Teacher and graduate of the Inspired Pathways program,