It is the struggle with ‘old baggage’ from past experiences that causes us to feel unhappy, stuck and performing in life with limitations that we don’t want to have. Yet an applied approach that is simple and direct, can give you the tools needed to witness results and feel confidence quickly. Dr. Karyn has natural intuitive skills as well as many years of experience working with medical psychotherapy and mindfulness, involving thousands of people. With a combined approach, her unique skills have deepened, and she is now able to quickly identify what is in the subconscious that leads to repeating behaviors and negative patterns that create your unhappiness.

Dr. Karyn can help you recognize your subconscious patterns that keep you from feeling whole, balanced, mature and emotionally intelligent. She can fast track your inner exploration, provide you with her evaluation of your patterns and tendencies, and direct you with simple, easy to learn tools, to make changes yourself. You have the opportunity to embrace and live as your emotionally aligned and clear thinking self. You can accomplish changes from the inside out and find yourself naturally happier!

Dr. Karyn will teach you the techniques that are quick, simple, easy to understand, and that can be executed on your own. They can be applied to all issues and you can help others with these tools as well.

Intuitive coaching :

Together we will evaluate your subconscious patterns and drives.

We don’t know why we have experiences and get stuck with fears and reactions, but together we can explore and move through them and let go of whatever that is discovered that keeps you from truly being aware, whole and free.

Learn to recognize the patterns of thinking, behaving and beliefs that automatically direct your life. Begin to work through them so that you are in the driver’s seat by choice.

Learn to recognize your “roles” and ways of behaving as well as tendencies in your personality.


IF you can SEE IT, you are 90% of the way there in your ability to make the shifts towards your happier state of being.


Learn tools that enable you to work through the limiting behavior patterns and experience the changes from inside out!

These first several sessions get you started on your journey to a happier state of being. You will begin to feel how a more aligned and centered state really feels, and enjoy being in ‘choice’ and in control of your responses to life situations.

Integration coaching

You may want to choose ongoing assistance to integrate tools more fully and to explore more of the roots of subtle or hidden subconscious patterns from deeper levels. A series of sessions is very effective in deepening your experience with mastering emotions and shifting reaction patterns. Having the support and expertise of Dr. Karyn you will feel comfortable processing life events/memories that you may have avoided.

This series of sessions will allow you to better recognize, discern and apply these tools for change. You will gain confidence in your releasing skills and experience the joyful awareness of your simple state of being, without the weight of automatic patterns.

“I feel very privileged to have had Dr. Klapecki guide me through many personal and life issues. I first met Dr. Klapecki when I was in the throws of post-partum depression and since then, she has helped me through many more life crises. Through each issue, Dr. Klapecki has helped me shed my various facades and get in touch with my core truth. She has a laser-sharp talent in identifying the underlying issue and once I am aware of that, I am able to be sit with it and grow. As driven and confident as I have looked all my life, Dr. Klapecki has helped me put my inside and outside together and I am able to live everyday as the authentic and compassionate being that I “thought” I was, now I am.”

…. W.C. Health Care Professional, Toronto


Spiritual coaching

For those who want more complete freedom from ego patterns and/or perhaps have already done a lot of personal growth work, we can use advanced tools to explore core patterns of identity. This series of sessions moves you towards self-realization and unity consciousness by using advanced techniques that simply look beyond the sensations, patterns, drives. With a series of self-inquiry questions we can rest more in the awareness that everything only appears to be separate because we are looking at it from the perspective of what divides. We are not often looking from the perspective of what is already unified and whole.

“The most important life lesson to be learned is the realization of who you are in essence, beyond the person.”

-Eckhart Tolle

The coaching process will identify areas that have become a limitation to your freedom – areas where others have also fallen into pitfalls and were stuck. Moving through these blocks awakens higher levels of consciousness and allows you to more deeply connect to presence and know who you are.


COACHING services: Private, couples, groups – in person, teleconferencing, video-conferencing aimed at increasing Emotional Intelligence and inner freedom.

  • identification and development of a mindful approach to reactivity and ego
  • tools and exercises to detach from identification with these patterns
  • grounding techniques
  • deeper awareness of the aligned state
  • creating/manifesting from higher energy states and opening to new possibilities
  • discover the freedom, love, and wisdom of your deepest nature
  • notice the harmony in relationships with self and others

Let’s meet by phone or Skype to chat. Let me give you an opinion about your situation after we have a chat, and make recommendations for you. You can decide about proceeding with 1, 6, or multiple sessions, or simply work with the suggestions on your own.

– a 30 minute call to assess and get acquainted is FREE


  • One hour session
  • Packages for 3, 6, or more sessions

Having several sessions will integrate the process of opening beyond your limitations more fully, revealing your true loving nature, increasing a base of wisdom and helping to sustain an aligned state of ease and peace.

Do not hesitate to make the contact to check out if this is right for you

“In my work with Karyn, I have gained greater clarity about the aspects of life which take me away from my truer self. I’ve learned to see old patterns, to identify them for what they are and to release them. Karyn’s coaching has brought me to a greater awareness of the possibilities, a willingness to relax and trust and an ability to make clear choices. I am lighter, freer and happier as a result of working with Karyn and the Sedona Method.”

M. N., Banking Executive, Florida