Dr. Karyn has facilitated 2 – 6 day seminars in various locations around the world since the year 2000. It is one of her passions to facilitate the release of fears and tensions of individuals, and to enjoy the result as the ‘light bulb’ of insight and revelation comes on. The natural evolution of a loving connection to others with more understanding and harmony occurs in this setting. The shift from the state of problems and concerns, to one of empowerment and having an intuitive clear direction for life is a joyous experience for all involved.

Seminars can be arranged specifically for special interest groups. They can be theme based to cover specific topics. They can be tailored specifically towards Emotional Intelligence for Corporate groups.

Advanced courses unravel more of the limitations – the ways we attach and resist, and include tools to expose unconscious decisions and beliefs that block the natural flow of life and cover over our ability to live in the truth of who we are.

1. Sedona Method®
Rediscover within yourself your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought, feeling or belief in the moment, enhancing every area of your life in the Foundational course.

2. Advanced seminars
Tools taught are deepened and expanded to accelerate releasing and personal results. Specially designed exercises help to point you to the source of issues to get the best results for change.

Seminars are often directed towards a theme, such as love, relationships, resistances and blocks, health and success. The struggles we seem to have in daily life within these major topics provide many pointers as to where we are stuck in repeating unconscious patterns.

  • Learn to identify and categorize emotional reaction patterns
  • Naturally observe and release unwanted emotions
  • Learn to spot obstacles to making the shift to clarity
  • Change thinking patterns with ease
  • Remove subconscious beliefs that you did not want nor chose
  • Learn to move through pain and accelerate healing
  • Create the attitude needed to manifest goals and take action
  • Discover your loving and unbounded nature, the source of peace and clarity


 “I consider the Sedona Method to be the best contribution to preventive medicine that I have seen in my twenty-five years of interest in the field.  I am amazed at the simplicity of the training and its effectiveness.” – John L. Kemeny, MD, Columbia University Medical School


Foundational courses range at $395 pp per 2 day weekend.

Advanced course range from $495 – $695 pp 2-3 day wknd

To be placed on the mail list for seminars, please contact

Location: In Toronto the venue locations are central (Bloor/University area or King West area)

Weekend and 3 day seminars can be arranged in other cities.  Please contact Dr. Karyn to discuss options and costs.


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