These seminars are 5 or more days in length and are located world- wide in destinations such as Hawaii. They often follow a theme but are mutable and flow towards the group dynamic and needs. Within the group energy of intensive releasing and the increasing love of community, you open to an entirely different perspective, without the personal self as a center point. It is the true self living a life of freedom, which is always here and now. Most of the intensives involve living in community with the group, dining together and attending spiritual sites for deeper releasing and reflection. Many activities are social and fun to participate in. Because this intensive seminar format mirrors the activities of daily life, it often tests your emotional boundaries. This provides each group member, under the expertise of Dr. Karyn’s facilitation skills, great opportunities for growth and renewal.

Let Inspired Pathways guide the direction to being whole and present, emotionally intelligent . . . aligned in heart, mind and soul.

Some of what is covered in Intensives:

  • Discovering the stillness that is ever-present and underlies thought and activity
  • Exploring what supports spiritual awakening
  • Remaining consistently aligned and connected even as reactions arise
  • Seeing how challenges are really a gift to awareness and wisdom
  • Recognizing the minimal need for thinking and embracing intuition and ‘knowing’
  • Using advanced Sedona Method releasing tools


Pricing varies according to lodging and location for the Intensives.    Food is included.    Activities are included.   Transportation is usually included although some prefer to rent their own car.   Parking at the facility may however be limited.

Extra costs include the opportunity to add extra side tours to the itinerary (for example, in Hawaii we offer a helicopter tour or a mountain tour.  Some add in deep sea scuba diving).

Typically the flight to and from the destination is under your control as well, so that you can determine length of stay and may extend your vacation plans.

Quote from Eckhart Tolle:

When we are continually lost in thoughts and concepts, we miss the immediacy and the fullness of life in the here and now—the only place we can ever experience it.In our attempts to find peace, we create more suffering for ourselves and others… That is, until we discover Presence…

Presence is the arising of a dimension of consciousness from where you can become aware that there is a voice in the head. That awareness is beyond thinking. It’s a space of consciousness where you can be the observer of your own mind—the awareness behind the thought processes.

For human beings to discover this dimension is extraordinarily important. It is in fact, as I see it, the next step in the evolution of humanity. When you no longer look to the mind to provide you with your sense of identity—because your sense of identity now comes now from a deeper place—that’s the shift that changes everything, dramatically. It is the most important thing that can happen in your lifetime.

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