Past Events

Previous Group and Coaching EVENTs

Hawaii… the big Island . . . the Healing Island  . . . visit the spiritual sites and take in the energy of healing and letting go during these beautiful and effortless Retreats.   Swim with dolphins in the wild. . .   night swim with the Rays , , ,  take in the creation of new land as one of the only active volcanos on the planet continues to produce lava flows . . .   Magical and lasting effects!

Bali, where the temples, offerings and rituals of loving kindness open your heart and meditative sense of being fully present.

Switzerland, the splendor and clarity of the pure and pristine waters, the majestic Alps, the crystal blue sky and the prolific vineyards bring the holistic sense of Being together in the simplicity of earth’s gifts . Karyn has enjoyed teaching in other cities in Europe as well.

Africa, where the simple presence in the world of the animals shows you how to release F.E.A.R., letting go of the fear, fight, flight axis and finding inner trust and peace.

Karyn has been fortunate to teach course all across Canada and has enjoyed coaching clients from around the world in various locations.

Sedona, the land of the creator, four directions, above and below and within… filled with aboriginal lessons… the vortices of energy from special mountain locations… lay lines and energy streams… the brilliant red rocks, green pines and blue sky with feather clouds… a place magnifying the effects of letting go of that which limits you and opening to the true self…