The path to ‘freedom and happiness’

The path to ‘freedom and happiness’

The path to ‘freedom and happiness’ seems to open with our willingness to look at life through the lens of objective non-judging observation and apply tools that allow us to deconstruct old patterns of reaction and behavior and shift to clarity of thinking and presence.

We grew up in the world and had experiences that influenced the creation of all of the patterns and beliefs about our reality of the world. The historical passage of time and life with all of its conflicts, is a necessary series of experiences that exists for all of us. We must learn to embrace it, accept the experiences fully, but not get stuck with them. The ability to move easily through all aspects of experience without personalizing and struggling with parts of it, opens the door to expanded happiness. . . . this is life

The sense of ‘me’, which is the small minded struggling sense of ego identification, is the smallest and least free consciousness that we can ‘be’ identified with. It usually gets all of our focus and attention however, thereby remaining meaningful and ‘alive’. We live in an illusion of what life actually is.

Quote from Eckhart Tolle: “When we are in meditation or in silence without distraction, allowing presence can be easier than when we are surrounded by the noise of our daily activities. Our mind and senses are often triggered, causing us to lose our natural state of being. Yet it is by bringing more presence into our work, our relationships, and every area of our life that we are able to make everything a living practice.”

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