The Illusory ‘self’

The Illusory ‘self’

It drives everything,
Arising from the experience
Of the very young, perhaps infant, child.

It builds defenses, ways to compensate
For loss, pain, abandonment,
A hard shell to protect the vulnerable child.

It hides the need for approval
Behind a curtain of grief, anger and pride,
Eroding self-esteem day by day.

It informs the focus on control,
Fuels the need to be right not happy,
Hiding the need to be taken care of.

It masks the insecurity through mistrust,
The survival instinct encourages fight or flight,
Our animal nature coming to the fore.

It confuses the heart,
Which yearns for oneness but detaches and disconnects,
Ending in the loss of self.

The core longs for resolution of the past
And will create a future the same,
Unless we grasp the gift of the present,
And let go.     . . . . Julia Gluck,  Sedona Method course  participant, Toronto, June 8 2019


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