Maybe the universe brings situations, people and events into our lives to help us become aware of our self- imposed ego limitations. Once aware of them, we can let them go if we choose. The light shines on what we need in order to evolve and grow into peace. We have opportunities to find our true self and loving aligned nature. Life is therefore like a mirror to look into to. It is reflecting something back for us to stop, reflect within and explore without judgment.

Maybe what we hold both consciously and unconsciously as an identity of a separate individual ‘me’, is actually reflected in the way the world appears to you. Whatever the problems seem to be could be a reflection of what the struggle is inside. Whatever is joyful in your life may also be the reflection of the degree of openness and freedom we express. The good news is that you can shift the inner core of energy that is reflected outwardly in the world. We can ‘deconstruct’ the aspects you don’t like. It is completely within your power and is up to you. It is not magic.

The more completely free of the ego you are, the more you feel light and blissful. It is the release of the experiences of the past that help us detach from identity – our identification with the historical sense of a ‘me’. Moving in this direction will result in a world around you that appears happier and you will feel more freedom. You become present in the moment more of the time. You experience less identity as a separate individual.

As long as you see problems or have to effort, your inner identification with limitation is being reflected. Problems or issues are clues to your ego’s patterns and needs. They hint at what we resist, and are clues to what we unconsciously hang onto.

Living within the world has its practicalities. We act as individuals. Yet we can feel free and happy within it and flow between form and oneness/formlessness gracefully.

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