Authentic loving relationships

Authentic loving relationships

Are you tired of looking for a ‘soul mate’, ‘a special romantic love’, or tired of the seduction game or the flush of initial passion that soon fades into disappointment, feelings of failure and hurt? You can redefine what a relationship means for you.

It is liberating to feel from an authentically loving heart. It is the fuel for the passion of life, for creativity, for a well-lived life. When you are fully yourself and present, you are a gift to every life you touch. Becoming more fully your True self is the road to a full and sacred life that you will cherish. You cannot fully see, give to, or love another, until you do that for ‘your self’, and find who you truly are. Then you will begin to see others with unconditional acceptance and regard. We respect the other even if they are spinning in their own emotional web temporarily. We begin to experience a true reverence for life.

Eckhart Tolle “It is our ego and our “story-making” tendencies that lead to unnecessary suffering. Our relationships give us a training ground for our “Presence practice.” Interpersonal challenges provide an opportunity for us to intensify Presence as needed in the moment”

In relationships, developing the ability to step forward with a clear voice, to take appropriate action steps in the most difficult of circumstances, is the goal. No one should be aggressed or attacked. There is no rush for solution and instead, much more patience and listening, until that ‘right action’ appears naturally as an option in that situation. The chaos of situations resolves because of that steady and clear wise voice or action that is non-judging but effective. Compassion for yourself first, your own reactions, leads to the practice of not judging others so harshly. Letting your own emotions settle leads to the practice of patience and objective listening to the other and observing all factors in the moment with openness, kindness and wisdom. We deserve to experience unity, passion, fulfillment and a deeply loving and trusting connection with our partner. It starts within.

Eckhart Tolle Quote:
“The arising of what I call Presence is how the dysfunction of the human mind is transcended,” explains Eckhart. “When consciousness ‘flowers,’ then the human mind is no longer something that creates unnecessary suffering—it becomes something helpful, useful, and potentially capable of achieving miraculous things.”

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