I have been on a career journey, focusing first on the body, then mind, and now spirit, in search of true health and well-being. After a career in Family Medicine and teaching for the Universities of Manitoba and Toronto as an assistant professor, I engaged directly in the practice of psychotherapy on a full time basis with an intention to deal more directly with how the mind and emotions affect our everyday health.

As an addition to my psychotherapy practice, I adopted both the Sedona Method® and emotional releasing techniques into my personal life and it resulted in amazing new insights. I became one of six instructors world wide who facilitate this Method and I developed a company, Inspired Pathways, in which I teach seminars and have lead retreats in various countries since the year 2000.

Personally, life has become more enjoyable, peaceful and easier to navigate without reactivity and instead with intuitive wisdom. It has been full and satisfying, affording me the opportunity to develop many friendships as I extensively travel in the world. It has opened up a creative stream of expression in my work and new tools continue to evolve every year.

Now, I teach a series of simple and easy to learn techniques that open the door to clear focused thinking and a happier reality for others within a private and coaching practice.