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UPCOMING Retreat 2023

       Beautiful Villa Retreat in Tuscany Sept 23-30th 2023!                 Relaxed . . . explored . . .   released together for a week, in the beautiful abundance, surrounded by the culture, history and art that Tuscany has to    offer.  Great food, cooking class, excursion to…
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Physical vs Social Distancing

PHYSICAL  Distancing          SOCIAL  Deepening At this time of the viral pandemic, it is important to follow the guidelines to reduce the ease of transmission of the virus within our society.  PHYSICAL distancing, staying 2 meters apart and staying home unless it is necessary to leave it, as well as precautions for handwashing etc are logical. …
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Being Break

Please feel free to do an audio-visually guided Being Break by logging into You Tube and typing in Karyn Klapecki to get to my channel. Here is a written version for you. As you begin this experience it may help you to remember this metaphor.  IF we were driving down a country road and we…
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Outward focus…. but what about INWARD?

Your sensory perceptions (5 sense organs) are all outward bound.  We can't scan internally with those 5 senses.  We don't hear all the inner sounds of the body.  You don't feel your blood pulsing.  But you can feel a spider on your skin.  These sensory organs deal with survival of the physical body. But the…
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