Programs designed and offered by Dr. Karyn privately and in groups within Inspired Pathways are designed with this principle in mind:

“Clear focused thinking creates a happier reality.”

Emotional releasing is one of the tools Dr. Karyn will use in your work together. It is an experiential approach to personal change that deals with releasing emotions that drive behaviour. In contrast to suppressing or expressing feelings, releasing allows you to simply acknowledge and accept the feeling (such as anger), experience it more directly, and then let it go. Letting go if emotional reactivity directly, allows for a spontaneous new cognitive understanding of how the reactive event had evolved. A new perspective arises. Emotional releasing contrasts with most approaches to personal change because they focus on the problem, using cognitive ‘analysis’ and ‘understanding’ to guide the emotional change which often is not full and complete. Releasing the emotion leads to a complete and lasting shift. Change is happening from the inside out.

Dr. Karyn will also assist you to strengthen your innate powers of observation so as to be able to recognize patterns in the subconscious as well as these ‘busy mind’ patterns. The recognition that it is emotional conflicts from past events that drive current behaviours is a breakthrough process in self-awareness. We finally see how we are re-enacting many of our past patterns when interacting with others. Dealing with the emotional ‘glue’ underlying our behaviours allows one to move ahead with changed interpretations of the past and calmness in dealing with life today. We become resilient. It opens up the door for choice and clarity of thinking in the present.