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[hero_unit title=”Nothing is Impossible” text=”” btn_style=”default” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”] “Here is a link to an informative article about ‘old baggage’ and long forgotten childhood experiences that have shaped us unconsciously. It helps you to understand the importance to your health and happiness in developing RESILIENCE”. LINK to article in Guardian

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Stop the Rush

Free from compulsive thinking, the pace of happiness and presence is ‘in control’, fluid and calm

Ground in the MOMENT

Breathing rhythms, tuning into all senses, mindfulness – the doorways to presence.
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Recognize patterns

Reactive emotions and behaviors unconsciously erupt from past programing.
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Allow and accept vs Resist

Release judgment and fear, and witness from openness. Let go of the reactive call to action and compulsion to change things
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Stop Striving

Recognize that desire is the root of suffering – operate from Fullness and create from that –Balance doing with simply just Being
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Whole and Complete

Full and aligned energy, entirely available to ‘do’ at any time... or rest in abundance and peace.
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Manifest anew

Manifest like a drop in a still pond, spreading expansive circular signals into a vast ocean of creative forces – let it all come to you with ease.
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Emotional Intelligence and New Life Vision

With clear cognition, problems dissolve, solutions appear and courage develops to create and open to new possibilities in life.
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  • Hawaii

    the big Island… the Healing Island… visit the spiritual sites and take in the energy of healing and letting go…

  • Bali

    Where the temples, offerings and rituals of loving kindness open your heart and meditative sense of being fully present.

  • Switzerland

    Switzerland… the splendor and clarity of the pure and pristine waters, the majestic Alps, the crystal blue sky and the…

  • Africa

    Where the simple presence in the world of the animals shows you how to release F.E.A.R., letting go of the…

  • Canada

    Karyn has been fortunate to teach courses all across Canada and has enjoyed coaching clients from around the world in…

  • Sedona

    The land of the creator, four directions, above and below and within… filled with aboriginal lessons… the vortices of energy…

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  • Testimonial #3

    I have been releasing for a year and a half. Aside from having the best health of my life, an ability to love and be loved and more money than I’ve ever earned or obtained in my life, I have found PEACE OF MIND. I live anxiety-free and have fun with a light heart and a clean mind. My problem solving ability has improved to a degree I never imagined and I am enjoying my life more than ever.

    Mr. J. D. - Business executive,
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  • Testimonial #2

    I have meditated for many years, as well as doing different types of therapy, such as cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis and relationship work. While each practice has been beneficial in its own way, working with Karyn has given me a powerful tool for releasing negative emotions, stilling the mind and being present. When I practice releasing it works easily and simply. Now I know how to gain more of what was looking for in other methods.

    Ms. L. M. - Corporate facilitator and coach,
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  • Testimonial #1

    This has also inspired me to have a momentum of cleaning up all of the stuff I have somehow been procrastinating on and it feels good – like I am clearing the way for space and new things.

    Ms. A.G. – Vancouver Teacher and graduate of the Inspired Pathways program,
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  • Self Acceptance

    Self Acceptance – The tools and training offered are invaluable to anyone who wants to be at their best, anyone who wants happiness that is real and lasting, anyone who wants to look at life in a new way and to flow with ease. Ultimately it is for everyone – discovering the simple truth of who you are.

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  • TOPICS that respond to releasing tools

    TOPICS that respond to releasing tools – Relationships with self and others, Career, Moods including anxiety and depression, feeling Stuck, Addictions, Illness, Financial distress, past Traumas, Procrastination, Clutter, are just some examples

    Read more
  • Who will Benefit?

    Who will Benefit? These tools are useful for those who are functioning well but are interested in more fully realizing their potential, as well as for those experiencing difficulties.

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