Here is a link to an informative article about ‘old baggage’ and long forgotten childhood experiences that have shaped us unconsciously. It helps you to understand the importance to your health and happiness in developing RESILIENCE”. LINK to article in Guardian

Stop the Rush

Free from compulsive thinking, the pace of happiness and presence is ‘in control’, fluid and calm

Ground in the MOMENT

Breathing rhythms, tuning into all senses, mindfulness – the doorways to presence.

Recognize patterns

Reactive emotions and behaviors unconsciously erupt from past programing.

Allow and accept vs Resist

Release judgment and fear, and witness from openness. Let go of the reactive call to action and compulsion to change things

Stop Striving

Recognize that desire is the root of suffering – operate from Fullness and create from that –Balance doing with simply just Being

Whole and Complete

Full and aligned energy, entirely available to ‘do’ at any time... or rest in abundance and peace.

Manifest anew

Manifest like a drop in a still pond, spreading expansive circular signals into a vast ocean of creative forces – let it all come to you with ease.

Emotional Intelligence and New Life Vision

With clear cognition, problems dissolve, solutions appear and courage develops to create and open to new possibilities in life.
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