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The following CD’s and Book products are an excellent way to learn, study and/or deepen your releasing techniques.  We are happy to offer a discount that we can pass on to you if you order your product through us.  It will be charged in Canadian dollars to PayPal, or you can mail a cheque.  We will email the total charges, including shipping, to confirm your acceptance of the order.  There is usually a 2 week time frame from ordering to receiving product.  We also require all the details of your exact mailing address.


Sedona Method® Course - the Foundational Training Course in a 20 CD series with bonus CD’s

Absolute Freedom - Holistic releasing 5 CD set– topics relate to Being Free            

Practical Freedom - Holistic releasing 5 CD set                        

Set of both of the above                        

Living Truth - 5 CD’s from a Retreat setting in Sedona, Arizona                                             

Effortless Creation - CD’s covering topics to encourage ‘having’ your desires

Nine Releasing CD Set - 9 different CD’s dealing with Anger, Resistance, Clean Up Process as well as 3 CD’s with Lester Levenson                                  

Beyond the Boundaries of Time & Space - 4 CD set delving into BEINGness

Breakthroughs in Consciousness - 4 CD set including ‘Good Morning’, Good Night releases

Abundance Course - 10 CD set by Larry Crane dealing with releasing on various issues in the way of achieving full abundance

CD’s of Lester Levenson lecturing:

In Retreat - 4 cd set                                             

The Way - 3 cd set                                                

The Ultimate Goal l (cassettes only) - 5 cd set  

The Ultimate Goal ll - 5 cd set

BOOKS with material directly from Lester Levenson:

The Ultimate Truth

No Attachments, No Aversions

Final Step    

DVD of Lester Levenson - 2 different lectures on separate DVDs                           

DVD on Letting GO and the Sedona Method® Basics

BOOKS with material from Sedona Training Associates:

Sedona Method® Book, by CEO Hale Dwoskin

Sedona Method® Workbook

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Innovative Ionizing Technologies

Innovative Ionizing Technologies

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Sedona Method Foundation Course Fall 2014!
Nov 21, 2013
The Sedona Method® - a Fall Foundation Course in Yorkville Toronto Canada Saturday, Nov. 8th & Sunday, Nov. 9th, 2014!