Destination Seminars and Retreats - Intensives (5-7 Days)

Learn to embrace the energy of manifesting and creating naturally, the space where a small pure thought, dropped into the sea of all possibiities, unfolds to bring 'pure' intentions to life.  We will explore developing your goals and intentions that are pure and free from unconsciously limiting, contrary beliefs, freeing the energy of the goal to come into form.

This retreat is your opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Sedona Method® and dive into the present moment and awareness of who you truly are and to integrate the most advanced levels of releasing, including Triple Welcoming and the 5th Way.  These intensives are destination seminars (eg. the healing island of Hawaii), set outdoors, in high energy settings, where nature facilitates all that you do towards your goal of freedom. 

The cost of each retreat is determined based on the course location and excursions. 


Tell me:   where would you like to spend 5-7 days?


Hawaii: Effortless Creation – An Intensive Five-Day Course 

Several years ago, Inspired Pathways began to lead groups to Hawaii for this intensive.  This is your opportunity to dive into the present moment and awareness of who you truly are and to integrate the most advanced levels of releasing, including Triple Welcoming and the Fifth Way.  Intensives are destination seminars (eg. the healing island of Hawaii), set outsoors, in high energy settings, where nature facilitates all that you do toward your goal of freedom. 

Enjoy seven days of effortless creation on Big Island in Hawaii.  This 'Healing' Island - brings her magnificent Goddess energy into every location, every dolphin and creature that we will see and be with!  The history of the Kahuna’s imprint on the cultural and intuitive energy in Hawaii will deepen our experiences. While there, we will experience simply being ... and you can enjoy swimming and playing with some of the world’s greatest teachers and healers, the spinner dolphins -  as we integrate releasing into daily life and experience in the flow of Hawaii.

Inspired by Lester Levenson’s maxim, I have everything I need as I need it, the focus will be on opening to receive all that you desire through releasing and the Effortless Creation Process.  
The powerful grounding energies of Mother Earth are remarkable! I have witnessed, as have others in our 2009 group, surprising shifts in our lives since our visit to the energies of this magnificent Island!   It is said that it takes a year to integrate the energetic shifts and knowledge of the creative and healing energies. Being in balance, free of polarities, and in the flow with who you already area.

Karyn is takes the Sedona Method® and her knowledge of releasing  ‘on the road’ to special energy environments around the world. How and where can we enhance the magnificent energies of creation, healing and completion?  In this intensive, the answer is:  Where the Goddess energy has been seated for centuries—Hawaii! 
Karyn brings a synergy of knowledge of:

  • medical psychotherapeutic techniques
  • healing dynamics within the physical body
  • releasing on unwanted emotional energetic blocks and limitations to this intensive. 

The grounding principles for this experience are about:

  • ‘allowing’ natural healing
  • providing ourselves the support we need, for an unfolding into the perfection of  who we truly are
  • the support of releasing expertise
  • the support of natural forces from the intelligent animals of the sea,
  • explosive creative forces of this volcanic land
  • and the inherent wisdom from the Kahuna traditions

The healing intentions Karyn applies are from a medical perspective based on the historical goddess of medicine/healing, Hygea (the Greek foundation for our ‘hygiene’).   As most of medicine has traditionally followed the principles of Askelepios (the Greek God and ‘father’ of Hygea, and the symbol we recognize as the serpent with the sword in our medical logos), there has been an emphasis on the words of ‘war and fight’ in the approach to disease, cancer, illness, and unhappiness for many years. There has been a force of ‘doing’ and ‘fixing’. Hygea brings instead, the wisdom of nurturing, supportive substrates, substances and energies for the body/mind’s own innate correcting and balancing process.

“It is natural to have a healthy mind/body all the time”  as Lester would say.

Releasing or letting go of limitations of mind, emotion, and body and then cleansing and replenishing, opens one up to the alignment more fully with who we truly are—a sense of soul and unlimited Beingness and a healthy physical vehicle.  "Karyn’s skills are a blending of professionalism and heart-centered intuitiveness and loving energy."

If you would like to know more and/or join me on the next Intensive 7-Day Course, please call 416.964.8887 or email
I look forward with an open heart to our next journey together!  - Aloha!

To qualifiy for all Advanced courses, you’re required to have a working knowledge of releasing (live seminar preferable, and have completed the 20 CD Audio Sedona Method® Basic course and read the Sedona Method® book by Hale Dwoskin.)

"The way to infinite joy is through the elimination of desire, -- no attachments, no aversions."  - Lester Levenson 


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