Dr. Karyn Klapecki, International Instructor presents The Sedona Method. Seminars, Intensives, Master Coaching and Executive Mentoring Services

“...intention and positive thinking are not enough to move your life forward or give you a sense that you are in control.”

Are we humans, seeking spiritual experiences yearning for love and happiness, or are we spirits, here to have the experiences in form and human existence, that shows us the broad spectrum of love, conditional and unconditional? Or, in fact, are we ALL?

I am a psychotherapist – a physician by training. My goal has been to know the meaning of health in all aspects of being human. During that exploration, I have moved from the traditional education about body and mind in medicine, to an understanding of an energetic model of life itself.

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Learn what Foundational and Advanced Sedona Method® training services are offered by Karyn.  Karyn also offers professional services ranging from one-on-one coaching and medical psychotherapy.  

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Upcoming Courses & Events

Sedona Method® Releasing Skills Course
Oct 26, 2015
Sedona Method®Releasing Skills Course Saturday Dec 6 & Sunday Dec 7!  Bloor St W at...
The Sedona Method®​ Releasing Skills Course
Oct 26, 2015
All Are Welcome!  Whether you are brand new to the Sedona Method® or have been releasing...

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What is the Sedona Method®?

The Sedona Method® aims to teach that we create our reality with our thinking. With clear and focused thought, goals are achievable. We believe you can master your emotional state and be in a position to think clearly and be more easily able to take action as required.

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“We all procrastinate at one time or another.
The most unfortunate procrastination of all is to put off being happy.”
- Maureen Mueller

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