Corporate & Work-Related Services

Corporate and Work Related Services

Managerial and employee performance can be greatly enhanced by assisting individuals to recognize the emotional issues that affect the performance of their role.  Improving ‘emotional intelligence’ has been shown to enhance corporate performance through increasing personal awareness, sensitivity and choice of actions within working relationships.

Do you have employees or managers who could be excellent if

. . .  they could just relax

. . .  they could listen, calm down

. . .  they could concentrate, keep focused, follow through

. . .  they could be more decisive

. . .  they could just get along better with others

. . .  they could leave their problems at home

Do any of the above apply to you personally in how you perform in your career?

Are you in a position of dissatisfaction or indecision about your chosen work?

Do you have a problem with finding a direction for your life?

We can assist those with:

  • Anger and relationship issues
  • Chronic tardiness
  • Performance not optimal due to interpersonal skill issues
  • Performance affected by anxieties, indecision, personal issues
  • Chronic negative attitudes and depressed feelings

We help managers become better managers:

  • More assured and confident
  • Improving listening and team-playing skills
  • Servant leadership techniques

“I am not sure  if you remember me but I took the basic
course back in the spring.

I have had profound success with the Sedona Method over the past six months and it is very much a part of my life.  I am currently starting a new business that I have come about as a result of a fury of creativity that has been released, the result of the many barriers that the Sedona Method has helped break down.”
- Jeff Walter

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