Clarity of Thinking, Intuition and Knowing

Thought does create our reality - our unconscious, fearful thoughts and mistrust creates things for us just as our clear conscious and more positive thoughts do. Unfortunately, the power behind the fear-based thoughts and the scary events we may have experienced through the eyes of our childhood years, are much more forceful and override the more conscious and chosen thoughts we have now as adults. 

Have you ever wondered why your life looks as it does, despite the fact that you try so hard to change it for the better? The answer lies in the very aspects of those unconscious thought patterns, the hidden, undermining concepts and beliefs that are glued inside by emotions, that try to resist feeling those experiences again. 

That is why intention and positive thinking are not enough to move your life forward or give you a sense that you are in control. It is also the reason it is difficult to achieve even the well-intended goals.

We have good intentions, and then things go awry. We resist things that do not unfold in the way we would like them to unfold. We did the same in childhood – we resisted the events and fears we experienced that were unpleasant in childhood. So the pattern of experiencing discomfort, experiencing surprises in life that weren’t ‘planned’, leads to a natural pattern of resisting those discomforts, and causes a build-up of feelings and perceptions of events that lie in the unconscious. And as we  ‘think’ we are trying  to direct our lives in a more positive way, those unconscious thought and feeling patterns, and beliefs, are sabotaging our success with our goals.  We have no idea why things just don’t turn out – we feel like failures, and eventually just stop trying.

The key to ‘clarity in thinking’, is to be free of underlying and hidden thought patterns, which are driven by those old fears and hurts, so that when we are thinking right here and now, everything is conscious. There is nothing hidden, operating and undermining our perception of what is actually happening now.

"...intention and positive thinking are not enough to move your life forward or give you a sense that you are in control.  It is also the reason it is difficult to achieve even the well-intended goals."

When we learn to let thoughts go, and let feelings go, and not attach or resist them, we watch many of those underlying energies and resistances dissolve, leaving us here and now, fully alert to all that is present with clarity.  It is in this position, of not being ‘be-clouded’ by the past or fears, that we feel more of an intuitive ‘knowing’ about the moment.  It is like being able to see the entire forest of information lying before you, as opposed to being stuck focused on one tree, which is the equivalent of being stuck in an old thinking pattern.  Hence our ‘intuitive thinking’ operates in that moment and it seems that life becomes quite simple, it is easy to ‘know’ what to do in a given situation, and action is a natural outcome. We are in a flow in life.

This state of experiencing, being more clearly present (having released old thought and feeling patterns and resistances that may have arisen), is akin to living the life of the very young child, who has yet to have had fearful and disturbing experiences hidden as conflicts within. So when a very young child falls, he cries if he’s hurt. He checks out his sore knee. After a few moments he gets up and is attracted to the next moment and joins in the fun with the other kids playing again. He has experienced everything directly, but he’s not stuck in the ‘fall or hurt’. He experiences and moves on. He intuitively knows the knee is OK and continues on. However, given several years of conditioning with experiences, added to by parents who have opinions and reaction about situations, the same older child might cry hysterically, holding his knee, waiting for attention from an adult, and not moving on. It all depends on what unconscious meaning has been stored about pain, hurt, injury, body, etc., over the years of learning about life.

If we become an adult who is reacting particularly strongly to injury, where others may deal with the same situation rather differently and quietly, it would be useful to use releasing of thoughts, memories resistances and feelings about injury. As the reactive patterns are realized, then beliefs and behaviours that had been ‘locked in’ unconsciously about injury can dissolve.  The person can begin to deal with injury more ‘normally’, without exaggerated emotional patterns.

As we age we become naturally more able to let old reactive patterns go. As we sense our mortality, it seems easier to not expend energy on useless arguments and perceptions of who is right. We gravitate towards a feeling of acceptance that things just are what they are. If, as a younger person, you begin to use the tools to release those unconscious and conscious reactive patterns and resistances, you can achieve the sense of being here with what is truly important, more fully and more happily.

When we are able to be more clearly present in any moment, such as the example of injury above, we can intuitively act accordingly. It is normal to know whether there is something seriously wrong when you are injured and you will take appropriate action to assist yourself. Thinking is more like ‘KNOWING’ easily what to do and when. It is a normal flow. This will result in effective self-care and reduce emotional dramas, excessive attention to minor injuries, and even a decrease utilization of health care resources unnecessarily. 

"Thinking is more like ‘KNOWING’ easily what to do and when.  It is a normal flow."

Injury is just one example where we may have unconscious limitations and reactivity. Life is full of experiences, many of which have resulted in fears and a sense of ‘self’ that needs protection. As we move through these issues with releasing, we become more aware that we are present here and now, that old experiences do not exist that there is nothing and no one to protect. Life becomes a relief. It’s easy to live and enjoy and be alive, when you are not pre-occupied with fears and self-protection and striving. AND that does not mean that you won’t be productive and successful!  Life will unfold in a flow and you will be more open to the opportunities that exist abundantly all around you. You will feel alive and able to DO and take action, without feeling the effort of striving. So much of this depends on our acceptance of who we really are. It is about your connection to who you are, and not who you have thought yourself to be for so long.

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