Free Releasing Support Call February 21, 2015
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FREE Releasing Support Call for post Valentine's Day Everyone is welcome to join and release...
Releasing on Judgment (Part 2)
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We are ‘pulled’ out of unconscious awareness and we focus on thinking. The immediate...
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'Tis the Season of Joy
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I am sending all of you the deepest sense of peace and joy, in the light of presence. During the...
Being Here is Enough!
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By: inpathways
Lately I've been thinking about Lester Levenson's quote "we could see perfection where the...
I Hate My Mother!
Dec 13, 1 year ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
I have a client who always had a problem with her relationship with her mother and it was always...
The Story of Pain
Dec 13, 1 year ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
I would like to do a release on looking at pain and discomfort, and those types of symptoms, in a...
Letting Go of The Ego
Sept 21, 2 years ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
The first time you turned on a light switch, did you know how it worked?  Probably...


'Tis the Season of Joy

I am sending all of you the deepest sense of peace and joy, in the light of presence. During the holiday season there is an incredible opportunity to feel the love that is all around you – it is there supporting you all the time – it is connected fully to you and your essence. 

This is a time to become quieter, to listen and go ‘inward’ – to notice the trailings of energy from the ego that tempt you to ‘be a person’, striving still in those well- intended urges, to be ‘good’.  

It is a time to choose to anchor in who you truly are, and see the thoughts and feelings and concepts more clearly as simply energy passing through. There is no need to stop to give that much attention – a simple acceptance is required. Knowing the Self, anchoring in presence is the priority.

In the New Year of 2015 I will be doing support calls for those who would like to join, release, reflect and choose presence over all temptation to create from fear and judgment.  The first support call will be on January 17, 2015 at 11 am EST.  It is time for us to make a firm decision – to want freedom, ‘more than a drowning man want air’, as Lester Levenson would say.

Namaste to all, as one soul expanding in connection – intending for you all good things - love and peaceful guidance and support. - Karyn Klapecki


Posted: December 22, 2014 at 09:59 AM
By: inpathways
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Being Here is Enough!

Lately I've been thinking about Lester Levenson's quote "we could see perfection where the seeming imperfection seems to be". that has brought to mind a lot of what we are doing as we struggle in our egos and our sense of 'me' and 'self', even if it's really well intended and we are looking for purpose and goodness, we are so busy with all the energetic material that seems to arise on an emotion level and we're trying so hard to do the right things in our judgments that we are maybe missing something that is already perfect and already here. 

I happened to see Anderson Cooper's CNN special documentary called "Heaven and Back" and I'm sure many of you have heard stories of people who have been unconscious and pronounced dead for 5 to 10 minutes, maybe longer, and who have then been 'returned' back, and so they have had a so-called 'after death experience'. This show was exploring about Heaven and Back and what people experienced when they actaully left their physical body and they could actuallyexperience what that was like, what they learned and what happened when they 'came back'.  I guess the most interesting theme tied into this statement about 'seeing the perfection where the seeming imperfection seems to be', because each of those people really learned something about each of their own behaviours here on earth and how that fell away and the meaningless of it was just so apparent when their had their experience in a so-called light and incredible love of the universe; call it God or whatever we call it, just that experience of complete and pure love that transcends anything that we know here - it's completely free of fear. All the people on the documentary commented on how for the first time they were fully able to truly embrace being completely loved unconditionally and as a result, even though they came back with more to do, what they realized what they were doing was already that very purpose - being here in the various different ways that we are, is ALREADY perfect!  So much is coming from that little place inside where we don't feel loved enough and we're trying so hard to do the right things. 

Let's do a little release. Just for a moment, just check inside and see if you can get in touch with how much you really are well-intended, how much you want to have a purpose, help others, make a mark in the world, do something that will mean something....just welcome that. Just feel it as the energy that arises, it's so well-intended, it's filled with wanting approval, it's filled with wanting control, wanting security, even wanting oneness and harmony. We have been wanting that our entire human lives. So could you embrace that and the potency of that energy, how it pulls us in and attracts us, makes us feel like there is something we HAVE to do as individuals when we are already doing exactly what we need to be doing.

In this moment, could you let that go just for now. Could you experiment with just letting that huge urge, that huge well-intended doing, to pass through as best you can?  And even more.  And even more.  Just be willing to be open and let it go, just for now.

And then just allow it to become more and invite in a sense of already being unconditionally loved, just as best you can. 

Can you welcome that feeling of love into the body, as best you can just give your whole body and being the permission to take in as much love, light and acceptance in this moment. You don't have to know how, just feel it!  And even more, and even more as best you can, just to welcome it, to receive and to not hold back, to let the energy be unconditionally loving.

Just open to the possibility that being here is enough! And everything you are going to be doing and doing will be enough - just as best you can with a loving and open heart. And welcome a little mantra every day for yourself that you are willing to see the perfection that is already here even if you may not quite clearly see it yet!  The pefection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be predominant.  "I am willing to see the perfection where the seeming imperfection seems to be and I'm open to seeing it." To really being filled with more unconditional acceptance of what's already here and that viewpoint is there when I am not so clenched about what I personally have to do - it starts to open. 

I wish you many blessings for many of those experiences! 

Posted: December 28, 2013 at 12:22 PM
By: inpathways
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I Hate My Mother!

I have a client who always had a problem with her relationship with her mother and it was always quite tense and never felt really connected.  It turns out that she had a mother whose behaviours were really quite insecure and therefore she was quite controlling in what she thought everybody should do and what her judgments were. We tend to be very controlling when we are feeling anxious, so her mother had a tendancy to have that pattern - of being quite anxious, quite controlling and quite certain about what was necessary and what others should do. So of course it was hard to connect with her mother.  Her mother always had that judgment of what was right and what was wrong, so she herself developed a lot of anxiety about whether she was good enough, but also whether she could ever connect with her mother!  She worked hard over the years with releasing and has become much more aware of that. 

Recently her mother has had a real stirring up of her own childhod anxieties and the actual cause of all her demanding surface behaviours. Again, this is immediately going to cause an anxious revival happening in the reaction with respect to the client - as the daughter of this mother she will feel anxious again. 

So here's how you might release if you are watching your parent going through their anxious and demanding feelings and you are feeling anxious yourself.  Let's explore how that might feel and work for you.


First of all, could you just welcome how immediately we identify with that anxious feeling and we get clenched and tight about that.  And there is an immediate feeling that I have to do something about my own anxiety!  See if you can feel that, because that clenching and that wanting to change that anxiety leads us directly up into our own "mother/copy" behaviour patterns and our responses that we have developed to try and feel better - there are all the wants that we have up in our head and the roles that we play in trying to feel better when we are feeling so anxious.  The things we've learned to do over the years, such as, "I feel like I need to go and help her", "I feel obligated", "I must go", "I must go and talk to her", "I must try and talk her out of her anxiety or the things that she is saying"..."I want to do something".  "I'm trying to make my anxiety feel better by trying to make her anxiety feel better."

So see if you can recognize something like that within yourself. Can you welcome that in this moment?  Welcome how there is an anxiety and a tightness and a then a thought system that goes outward to want to do something, to want to try and fix, change or control that other person. It could be very well intended, like rescuing. You could feel motivated by obligation, "I'll feel guilty if I don't", so it could have a lot of wanting approval in it.  Welcome that. And if you are aware of that, simply allow yourself to breathe deeply and slowly, and open up - open as best you can. Welcome this. Welcome what you are seeing because you are here now welcoming some old reactions, some old things that used to feel like 'me' - patterns - patterns in our ego, but "the ego isn't me and I can actually let that go".

Could you relax more, the more you relax and accept these ego patterns, the more they are simply not held up and they can fall back down into the peace that is always here, always now. So do your best and see if you can open even more, breathe more deeply, open and relax, accept these energies that are here that feel tense or forceful and just welcome them. We are learning to be more nurturing and loving toward these reactions, as opposed to tight, fearful and more clenched because then they can't go. You're willing to let them go, they are not really hurting you, you can let them go, just for now.

Mother/ Anger

Let's visit that again. So perhaps that's not the kind of reaction you get when you see your mother anxious and demanding. Perhaps you get angry - perhaps you get really angry and frustrated because "I'm a little kid and I'm scared and she's mad at me" (in the beginning) and after a while "I'm trying so hard to make this better and wanting it to be better, and I can't" (because I can't control another person), "I feel frustrated that I'm in this position"; "I feel angry that I'm being put in this position again"; or, that "I'm missing my mother - she's not even there", "she's nothing but angry, always agitated"; "WHERE IS SHE?"

So all of these kinds of things can occur as a child. So just open to the energies that are created; perhaps they are all about anger and resentment and, if they are, can you welcome that?  Can you welcome your resistance to that behaviour in your mother; it's just an energy!

It's a natural thing to develop in those circunstances when you are small and in "unhappy" energy, you want it to be better, but you can't do anything about it. At some point it can get very aggravating. Can you just welcome it.  Welcome the reaction that comes up, "but am I actually with my mother?"  "Am am I even a little kid with my mother right now?  No." "I can actually breathe and open and see this much more objectively." "I can open to this", "I can let it be there and I can let it go". And then I end up right back here where I really am, very aware of the present moment (and the dog barking in the video). 


Now let's just check that one more time because for some of us we are not angry either when we have our mother acting like that.

For some of us we actually feel terrified, we shut down, we can't even be here, we want to run away, we want to hide, we go in really deep into an instinct for survival that's all about shutting down. So, you might feel that, you might feel like you don't have any feelings or you can't never see your mother!  So just welcome that!  You might feel like you want to run away - you feel helpless or this is scary - so just feel that. Whatever you are feeling about wanting separation or need to escape, distance yourself, get away - Could you just welcome it?  Separation is common and a possibility for a child with a parent in our human form.

So can you truly allow that as a sensation, as a feeling, as an energy that something that arises - "I don't need to pack it down", "I don't need to grab it", "I don't need to identify with it" - "let's just try to see it and opening to it", "just allow it, just letting it be here, because it is (energy)".  "It's not serious."

So just do your best to welcome it a little bit more and just allow it as best you can. Just don't hang on to it, it actually goes by itself!

The more you relax and open, the more you are non-judgmental of these things, the more you see it actually from a higher part, even in your neuro-anatomy, in your brain, on a medical level when we look at it scientifically.

So the more you do that, the more you will become aware of, and that's a starting point, "at least I am not judging", "I am more aware", "I am not pushing it away" or "hanging on to it". "I'm not going into the story because I can see that this isn't really here and I can experience it in this moment as an experience", "I can let it go", "it's actually not hurting me". "I'm actually right here and now" and "as that energy arises so does it also fall if I let it."  "And the more I do that, especially with people like my mother, my father and my siblings, the more I see these patterns that I've always called 'me' because I clenched around them, but I can let them go, I can really let them go. I can rest more in the peace of the present moment where there aren't any stories and I can actually eventually be in that more calm and loving space towards my parents even though they act the way they do"; "I can actually begin to dissolve these automatic patterns in me so that I don't have the same kind of infant reactivity."  "And I just accept them more because I realize that's not really hurting me and it's not personal."  "[my parents] are dealing with their own feelings that were ignited in their childhoods." 

In the end, it becomes a much more harmonious and connected and loving experience. And your happiness depends only on that!    

If you are interested my seminars, intensives and courses, please visit my website events page for up to date information.  Please join my YouTube Channel to view this release in person.  If you would like to enquire about in-office one-on-one psychotherapy, please contact me directly at 416.964.8887 or email me directly at  CONFIDENTIALITY IS RESPECTED. - Dr. Karyn Klapecki

Posted: December 13, 2013 at 11:29 AM
By: inpathways
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The Story of Pain

I would like to do a release on looking at pain and discomfort, and those types of symptoms, in a different way. If you don't have any pain, you don't have to make it up but you can practice for any sensation you might have in your body. This works for anything:

  • headaches
  • knee pain
  • sprain or strain
  • feeling of discomfort in abdomen
  • toothache
  • sore throat  

-- whatever!

Because really the problem with pain and its symptoms is that we already have a big story wrapped around it and we are already working on how to get rid of it or try to fix it, which is our natural inclination!  We have a sensation of some sort and we identifywith it as "something's wrong with me", and we clench around it. 

Let's open to that for a moment.  Can you just welcome even if in memory or if you have something now, that pain that comes with a feeling of "I don't like it," I want to fix it" "I get anxious about it" and "I want to do something about it", "I want to control it!"  There's a 'me' identifying with that pain.

Can you welcome that in this moment?

And just for now, see if you can feel that as a 'feeling' - the feeling of wanting control, wanting to do something or change something. It's an urge. Can you welcome that energy?  Can you see it as an energy?  Can you feel it as an energy?  Can you begin to breathe deeply and open up inside and just open that clenched feeling up a little.

Let it go. Could you let it go?  Would you let it go? And when?

And then you may have to do it a few times, but once it's open, can you just feel the pain more directly? Pain, let's say it's a headache, it already comes packed with a story:

"I know what a headache is", "I know what the doctors told me", and "I might even have a diagnosis", "I might need medication", "I'm pretty sure how it usually goes", "in my past experience", etc.  We have a story! 

And in this moment I wonder if you could let go of thinking about the story?

Could you let go of there wanting to be a story, because the story is not really here. Can you just feel the pain more directly as a sensation.  Because it's true - what you truly experience in this moment is actually just a sensation. Just like the body itself has sort of a sensation, and areas of so-called discomfort have a different kind of a sensation. But it's all sensation so could you welcome that way and let it be exactly that way, a pain or a headache or whatever it is?

Could you welcome it as a sensation?  And like any sensation, whether it;s a sound or a physical feeling or emotion, it comes and it goes and it's a bunch of molecules stuck together vibrating, if we really look at it, scientifically.

So for this moment can you actually recognize that there is all this space between all those atoms that are circulating around and making this thing [pain]? Could you open yourself to the feeling of that space, just as best you can?

And then can you allow yourself again to recognize it and feel it as that pain or that "thing" that seems to be there and welcome it that way?

And then can you welcome the space that appears to be inter-penetrating and surrounding and extending everywhere, right there, right where you feel it. Also there's a lot of space between those molecules - so as best you can can you welcome that? Can you just rest into that?

And can you welcome the pain that seems to be put together and solid, and welcome it that way?

And can you welcome the space that appears to be right there between the molecules of the pain?

And can you welcome the pain as you usually do?

And can you welcome the space that's also there and extends everywhere?

And can you welcome the pain the way you usually do, believing in it and holding it there?

And can you welcome the space which kind of allows all that to fall down? Just open to the space as best you can.

And can you welcome the pain and how it seems to be created from this energy and then it can get labelled and then a story, a treatment, a this and a that?

And then can you just bring it back down to the sensation where there is space - find the space that's there in between all those molecules of creation.  And can you rest there?  Can you just rest in this space that extends everywhere through all sensation - the nothingness from which all arises and can fall?  Namaste. Karyn xo

Karyn Klapecki, M.D. FCFP, CGPP, Founder of Inspired Pathways, International, Licensed Sedona Method® Instructor and Psychotherapist. Please join my YouTube Channel and hear the day to day stories of a psychotherapist, learn to allow and to let go or release unproductive and unwanted feelings that are holding you back from the freedom that you are.  Also join me on Facebook 'Inspired Pathways'. If you are interested my seminars, intensives and courses, please visit for up to date information.


Posted: December 13, 2013 at 10:46 AM
By: inpathways
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Letting Go of The Ego

The first time you turned on a light switch, did you know how it worked?  Probably not.  Nevertheless, the light turned on and you were able to experience the benefit of the light right away, before you ever understood how it operated.  The more you can lead with your heart and not your mind in this process of letting go, the easier it will become.  If you find you are getting stuck in wanting to figure it all out, that's our friend the ego, and you can let go of wanting to figure it out! 

The ego will always try to keep us from letting go of the ego!

When we start moving into the Self, the ego starts putting road blocks in the way: we get sick, we have accidents, we go to sleep, we yawn, we have other things to do, and things go 'wrong', because we feel we will be destroyed if the ego is destroyed.  We have convinced ourselves over the millennia that we are these limited thoughts and we think it takes way too much time to let go of these concepts of limitation.  (Beliefs, rules, etc.)

There is only one basic trouble in this world.  It is the common denominator of all problems -- it is trying to be an ego. 

If you want to be most creative, do away with the ego. 

Over time, after learning how to let go or release, you will start to catch yourself in the middle when you are involved in the old behaviour pattern.  You can release or let go when you recognize that you are getting caught up in the old pattern again and you will release and not do it.  Finally you may not even need to release about that particular tendency because you will have completely let it go. 

If you allow yourself to be aware and persistent, your attitude and effectiveness will eventually change for the better, even about long-standing problems.  It is also helpful to schedule short releasing breaks throughout your day to remind yourself to release.  Eventually, you may find your life getting 'lighter' and 'freer' and more alive!  You may ask yourself "What am I?  What is this world? What is my relationship to it?"  All other thoughts drop away and the mind becomes extremely concentrated.

May you enjoy a peace and bliss that surpasses all understanding.  Peace begins with you!  xo Luv, Karyn




Posted: September 21, 2013 at 11:33 AM
By: inpathways
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