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Social Phobia

Have you ever had a problem with social phobia?  That is that anxiety that occurs when we are in certain circumstances with other people. Some people feel that when they are with strangers that certain things might happen; they suddenly might look stupid or be rejected by the crowd or people might talk about them or they just don’t know how to fit in, or they won’t be liked?  All kinds of thoughts occur, but really what’s going on underneath all that is a sense of self judgment – a lot of judging and anticipating humiliation and disapproval.  That can be a very traumatic, repeating phobia where the anxiety comes up and the only thing I want to do is try to get away – I want to take  “flight” , fear is there.  I don’t want to go there or stay very quiet in the background, I want to suppress and get away from anything that might make that anxiety worse.
So I wonder if in this moment you can allow yourself to explore that sense of trauma that tends to repeat at a certain level of our brain where we actually feel really at risk and so insecure about “something is going to happen to humiliate me” or to “embarrass me”, or “I’m going to look so bad in front of all these people I don’t know.”  “I just want to run for safety”, “I want to go to a safe place” and “I just want to run for safety, a safe place, run home”, or something like that – AVOID.
Can you welcome that just for a moment, can you welcome that feeling that sometimes generates when you're just really afraid of other people or situations where there are other people. Can you allow that?  Can you just breathe and get engaged here with your higher cortical center, your sense of presence, or beingness, here now, can you breathe deeply  through your feet and up through your head,  slowly, slowly breathe and see the room around you, hear the sounds, be present because that’s what the cortex is about, being present. It’s about being present to these feelings that are really just feelings. These are just feelings from certain old, old childhood traumas.  You need to be able to feel that with compassion and allowing as opposed to judging it and running away from it and being afraid of it, and thinking it is the end of the world, and getting a very busy mind trying to manage it.

Just for now could you let go of needing to figure any part of it out because it is an old, old traumatic feeling? Could you just allow it to be what you used to feel in your youth or in your childhood?  Could you allow it right now to simply be something that’s really a memory of feelings – it’s a memory episode that you don’t need to change, you just need to soothe and allow?  You need to be kind to it.  Could you allow it?  Could you let it go?  Would you let it go?  And when?
It is not about pushing away the feelings or about not liking anything, although you might feel that.  It’s about learning how to really be here like you would with a little child, soothing, just being kind, there are no answers to be had, as it is just a case of loving kindness in this moment, patience and simply allowing these things to be what they are – old episodes and memories of feelings, the tolerance of it, the kindness, the patience, the remaining in the cortex, present,  for this old experience so that you can discern more clearly who you really are right here, right now. And these older  feelings are not who you are - they are just memories and old experiences and they are gone, you are fine and you lived through them all.  Could you let go of struggling with those olds feelings of fear, embarrassment, and shame?  Could you have the tolerance to just allow how phobic those feelings can get – how avoidant they can get? Could you welcome the stress and the strain of all that and just breathe and be patient with it as best you can?

If you do that consistently and you just hang with those feelings and let them be, you are going to find yourself much more in control here now, the person you really are and you will be able to be yourself and have a lot more ease in life - not avoiding, participating in joyful events and it is your birthright to be that!  Love, Karyn

I invite you to join my YouTube Channel “Inspired Sedona Method”, where you can follow this release on video with me! 

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"Lose This Day Loitering"
Lose this day loitering – ‘twill be the same story
To-morrow and the next more dilatory;each decision brings its own delays,
And days are lost lamenting o’er lost days.
Are you in ernest?  Seize this very minute –
Boldness has genious, power and magic in it.
Only engage, and then the mind grows heated –
Begin it, and then the work will be completed.― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Isn’t this often how we operate? It is not just a question of seizing the moment or carpe diem. With that force and push or ‘motivation’, as we have come to use as habit, we slowly develop inner resistance to that very force that had been used to getting into action! In the end, the job may or may not get completed, we may or may not feel as if we are alive while doing the task, and we are focused on outcome and reward, which may or may not happen.

How do we measure success? Is it just the outcome and reward? What about our sense of ourselves, our presence to the task and daily moments, and all of the other aspects of life? If we continue to allow ourselves to be consumed by projects that we use to propel ourselves into, for the hope of some good feeling and reward at the end, we are living life as if we are sprinting to a finish line, not paying attention to the ground, the body, the steps we are taking, the people around us, the smells and sights and sounds and minutes that pass during that race – we are only aware of the push to the end point – and that may or may not bring us the joy we are anticipating!

There is nothing wrong with achieving our goals, but in the process, the awareness of self and all of what each moment brings, allows us to open up to all of the limitations and holdbacks that will surely surface, in the various events that each moment holds, allowing us to release and be free and fine the actual path to that very goal.  And in each step of the way, we find lighter and happier feelings – the joy of the process and what is learned, the awareness gained, becomes more fulfilling than the goal itself – which again, may or may not be yours to have.  Love, Karyn


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What's Going On in the World?

What IS going on?  Since early October, I have been seeing a lot of people dealing with intense feelings of crises - apathy feelings, lack of goals (not knowing where they are going), loss of income, possibly loss of jobs for some of them, loss of some relationships, either through death or just people getting stirred up and separating from each other.  

People are really spiralling and it’s hard to keep the mind out of that spiral. It wants to jump in, as always, and try to do something, to fix something. When your focus is pulled into that, and you ‘think’ while you have those feelings on board, (apathy, grief, fear), you have very dreadful and dismal stories develop. As a result of the stories, a lot of people are spiralling into anxiety and depression, isolating themselves, thinking “it is all happening to me” - the individual.  It’s lonely and dreadful in that experience.
In fact I believe it’s happening on a global level to the whole world.  I think that everything is shaking and all structures are crumbling and we are going through a series of upheavals and losses.  The world is going through its orbit and axis, coming to the end of the Mayan calendar, which is also the end of a 30,000 year cycle in its orbit and the galaxy’s orbit in the universe.   There are lots of changes and losses; things as we have known them are changing and we are likely not going back - it is the end of the cycle.  Our structures are falling.  But the answer is to “not” jump in with a frantic mind trying to solve things. That has always been the way we have done it.  We have always gone in with our mental constructs to try to fix it and rescue it (as they are trying to rescue now in Greece and Italy). None of that is going to work!  We can’t rescue with our heads when we identify as the ego. We can’t operate from a fear driven perspective where the mind jumps in to try to do its best (as it wants to do!).  That mechanism is finally failing us in all ways.

On all levels, individually and on a global scale, it is time to STOP and PURGE. We must stop creating and using our ‘individual’ mind from a fear base.  The temptation to be so self-important and insist on fixing things is what causes more and more of the dreaded crises. We just circulate in the same old ‘crap’, and what we need to do is break the egoic mind from that habit and purge this stuff! 

We have been releasing – which has given us the tool to move the egoic “me mind” out of its involvement with all of the fearful feelings.  For many years we have tried to manage feelings and change them, make things better – because we are over-identified with these feelings as being a ‘me’.  We get very panicky and we isolate when we think we are having these horrible feelings. This mismanagement of difficult feelings leads the mind trying to build compensating roles and as we play these roles, we see the results of how the world has functioned to date.  It is finally spinning out of control – it is ‘maxed out’ – it is collapsing – and ready for a new paradigm of functioning.

The planet’s orbit is facing an ‘ending’ of sorts, as we have discussed, which correlates with the speculation about the meaning of 2012, and what will happen with all the electro-magnetic and other forces as the earth is moving  through to this  part of its orbit in the Universe. We don’t often manage endings well because we keep panicking when we feel the feelings that are precipitated by apparent endings. We like to look backward and regain what we had because we fear the unknown future. What is required is the courage to look forward in trust.  The thing we need to do as individuals is to stay the course and to break the mind’s habits of getting involved with these difficult feelings. We have to stay the course where the mind can become aligned with clarity, with facts, with logic and with our intuitive selves, so we identify with the whole and ‘one’ that we are, rather than the polarization of energy that builds the ego. When we move the old mechanism/paradigm of separation out of the way, we enter the present; we align with what is going on around us in the present moment and with our intuitive forces. We are whole; we become aligned with everything around us.  It is from the ONE that the solutions to what’s going on, become Self evident. If we don’t align with who we are as ONE, as Lester Levenson said, we are going to allow ourselves to feel as individuals suffering, and to spin in crazed ways with our fears; we are not going to be able to tolerate the change in all the structures that may be coming.

So, releasing (letting go) is becoming even more important now than ever before. Understand that your direction is through the difficult feelings – let them be and let them go – rest into this place of mental knowingness, where you are able to see things very clearly here in the present moment, where you will be able to detach your mind from rolling around in the negativity. Let go of always thinking of the personal ‘me’, me the isolated individual failing, or me the isolated individual having a fight to keep things going.

In these difficult times, do not allow yourself to isolate, to drown in negative feelings, or fears, nor think you are going to sort it all out. We need to really let that go, to surrender these feelings and be here in this present moment with clarity, with vision, with being able to see, and be able to intuit, and use that quantum wholeness that is available to us, connected to all things infinitely. Know that you are connected, not separate and alone.

The changes are heralding a wonderful thing. It is now time for everything, all of us in the world, to live the connection - we are all connected, it’s all one.  It is a shift out of that place where we are so tempted by fears to act and identify as an individual ‘me’, to take over, to fix it, to move it.  We are tempted to be individuals because of the fear.

It is a wonderful opportunity now to surrender that and to be able to be here now, in this moment, - - clear, united in openness, in freedom!   - Love Karyn


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Fear of Having the Feeling!

People tend to have nightmares and get really anxious, and they have a whole theme going on in recurrent dreams.  But we really have the same experience happening in the day time too! It is really about how we become so afraid and we immediately start 'thinking' about what we have to do and are in a pride/fear loop so quickly. Our ‘doing’ something about the fear is really our resistance, or our reaction, to other feelings.
Our fear has become the fear of feelings coming up.

Anxiety is really just a way that heralds or warns you that other feelings are coming!  And as we already know, feelings are not YOU and it's OK if they come.  But that fear of the feeling is really what gets us going in the wrong direction - we feel tight, we feel contracted, we jump on the feeling, and then we are in the head trying to figuring things out and we are looking for a way out and a way to not feel that feeling.  And that becomes that sense of a "me".

So I wonder if, in this moment, you can pick something that usually stimulates you to feel anxiety or anxious?  Can you notice there is a fear of something; a fear that you might be on the verge of feeling something about lack of approval or lack of security and you are actually afraid that's going to happen?
See if you can welcome that - see if you can welcome there is a fear that is warning you that you are in the danger of having some lacking occurring! 
And just allow yourself to step back and open to that for a moment - to be here now and to recognize that wow, everything is fine and that this fear is simply heralding a feeling.  Can you welcome it?

Can you welcome the fear and not try to figure anything out or try to do anything about it and can you welcome the feeling?  Just feel it.  Instead of moving away from it or pushing it away, can you welcome that wanting or lacking or whatever that appears to be?

Can you just feel it as a feeling and open up and just allow it?

Can you take a moment to just allow this whole thing to settle down?

So basically we are looking at:

  • Recognizing fear or anxiety perhaps as a friend, not an enemy!
  • Welcoming it because it is telling you there is something coming up from your own conscious; such as feelings of lack about yourself or your life.  And those are just feelings - they are not who you are!
  • So the anxiety is helping you to take a look.  If you STOP, allow that and just experience what that is - you can let that go, so you are clearing out your unconscious (and the unwanted thoughts in that moment)!

Hopefully you can allow fear and anxiety to become a little more of a ‘friendly’ tool for you, as opposed to an enemy that makes you want to quickly do something to run away from your impending threat.  Practice being here now and just check to see how your sleep will improve! 

Please join my YouTube Channel, Inspired Sedona Method, and release with me!   Love, Karyn


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Passive Bullying

I want to share something on the topic of how we can get into bullying and that dynamic in our childhood that it so uncomfortable.  It occurred to me that perhaps when we go to school as children, we actually get socialized in our adult life; and how we perceive the world as though it is threatening and attacking - from how we were socialized into this whole dynamic of threat and attack by our insecurities from our parents and growing up in school.

One of my clients reminded me of how she was so scared in her upbringing and not feeling good about her attachments to her parents and how loved she was.  She recalled being surrounded in a classroom at school where the boys were all picking on one girl and she was feeling a lot of guilt and remorse for not doing anything about it, in fact, she even sided with one girl who was also bullying this young girl, although she wasn’t active and she wondered why was she doing that, she didn’t feel good about it at all, was regretful and felt sick about it while this girl was being bullied.  And it is interesting how we can see that even as young children we tend to gravitate to what might make us feel safe, where the power lies, because of our own insecurity; and then we judge it, feel guilty about it and we are actually attacking ourselves then, on the inside of our psyche. 

It's interesting to look at that and to actually allow yourself to remember those kinds of things, if they did happen, and to begin to let go of how you were socialized into this whole viewpoint of feeling insecure - perhaps trying to guide yourself towards what felt like the safe route; doing things that are not really what you wanted to do if you really thought about it, but not having the courage to see it at the time.

Could you allow yourself to just look at what are the things that I am judging and making me feel guilty?

Could you just welcome that you were just doing what you needed to do at the time because you felt unsafe?

Could you welcome the guilt?

Could you welcome that as a feeling and begin to really make that discernment here now in this moment where nothing is really happening and you are completely safe?

When you really take a look around and see this moment now, you are always safe and you can look at guilt in a new way; you can look at anything that has happened in a new way, you can see it just simply as feelings, memories and just things that happened, that were actually pretty natural and now is the time to simply let that go and to realize that you are safe and you’re fine and maybe you always have been! 

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