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Experiencing the Death of a Friend

The Experience of the Death of a Friend

If you have recently experienced the death of a close friend or relative it can be a very traumatic experience. You have lost a close confidant and also you may be reminded of your own mortality. Depending on the circumstances, if the death was sudden you may also be feeling shock and disbelief, or you may even feel guilty that your friend has died while you're still living. All these reactions are natural, personal and the emotions can be observed. Simply give yourself permission to have the emotions without trying to figure it all out! 



You may most assuredly expect to enter into the five stages of grief:

1.  Disbelief

2.  Yearning

3.  Anger

4.  Depression

5.  Acceptance

However, at any stage of your grieving process, you can use The Sedona Method to help you let go of the pain you are feeling.
When you feel you are ready to let go, use any of the basic tools of the Sedona method and you may find you can genuinely skip or compress the stages of grief.

How to Use The Sedona Method to Let Go of Grief

Whenever you find yourself yearning for your lost friend, wishing you could change the situation or worrying about your own mortality, ask yourself one of these questions:

• Could I let this feeling go?
• Could I allow this feeling to be here?
• Could I welcome this feeling?

Your answer may be either yes or no, it doesn’t particularly matter. But once you have answered, ask yourself:

• Would I let it go?

The purpose of this is to determine if you are willing to let the feeling go. Do not debate whether or not you should let it go, simply remember that you are doing this process for yourself -- for the purpose of gaining your own freedom and clarity. But whether your answer is ultimately yes or no, move on to question #3.

• When?

This is an invitation to just let the negative feeling go NOW.

Repeat these three questions as often as needed until you feel free of that particular feeling.

Release not only on missing the person but also on the feelings it brings up about your apparent mortality.  Every body does die, however what you are is birthless, deathless and ever present.

Finally, when you are able to move past your grief, you will find that you are able to feel closer to your friend.

The grief you may be feeling does not tie you to your lost friend. Once you are ready, letting go of the grief will actually help you to feel closer to them and open your heart to an even deeper love for them and a oneness with all. Love, Karyn

Posted: March 9, 2012 at 04:09 PM
By: inpathways
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