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What's Going On in the World?

What IS going on?  Since early October, I have been seeing a lot of people dealing with intense feelings of crises - apathy feelings, lack of goals (not knowing where they are going), loss of income, possibly loss of jobs for some of them, loss of some relationships, either through death or just people getting stirred up and separating from each other.  

People are really spiralling and it’s hard to keep the mind out of that spiral. It wants to jump in, as always, and try to do something, to fix something. When your focus is pulled into that, and you ‘think’ while you have those feelings on board, (apathy, grief, fear), you have very dreadful and dismal stories develop. As a result of the stories, a lot of people are spiralling into anxiety and depression, isolating themselves, thinking “it is all happening to me” - the individual.  It’s lonely and dreadful in that experience.
In fact I believe it’s happening on a global level to the whole world.  I think that everything is shaking and all structures are crumbling and we are going through a series of upheavals and losses.  The world is going through its orbit and axis, coming to the end of the Mayan calendar, which is also the end of a 30,000 year cycle in its orbit and the galaxy’s orbit in the universe.   There are lots of changes and losses; things as we have known them are changing and we are likely not going back - it is the end of the cycle.  Our structures are falling.  But the answer is to “not” jump in with a frantic mind trying to solve things. That has always been the way we have done it.  We have always gone in with our mental constructs to try to fix it and rescue it (as they are trying to rescue now in Greece and Italy). None of that is going to work!  We can’t rescue with our heads when we identify as the ego. We can’t operate from a fear driven perspective where the mind jumps in to try to do its best (as it wants to do!).  That mechanism is finally failing us in all ways.

On all levels, individually and on a global scale, it is time to STOP and PURGE. We must stop creating and using our ‘individual’ mind from a fear base.  The temptation to be so self-important and insist on fixing things is what causes more and more of the dreaded crises. We just circulate in the same old ‘crap’, and what we need to do is break the egoic mind from that habit and purge this stuff! 

We have been releasing – which has given us the tool to move the egoic “me mind” out of its involvement with all of the fearful feelings.  For many years we have tried to manage feelings and change them, make things better – because we are over-identified with these feelings as being a ‘me’.  We get very panicky and we isolate when we think we are having these horrible feelings. This mismanagement of difficult feelings leads the mind trying to build compensating roles and as we play these roles, we see the results of how the world has functioned to date.  It is finally spinning out of control – it is ‘maxed out’ – it is collapsing – and ready for a new paradigm of functioning.

The planet’s orbit is facing an ‘ending’ of sorts, as we have discussed, which correlates with the speculation about the meaning of 2012, and what will happen with all the electro-magnetic and other forces as the earth is moving  through to this  part of its orbit in the Universe. We don’t often manage endings well because we keep panicking when we feel the feelings that are precipitated by apparent endings. We like to look backward and regain what we had because we fear the unknown future. What is required is the courage to look forward in trust.  The thing we need to do as individuals is to stay the course and to break the mind’s habits of getting involved with these difficult feelings. We have to stay the course where the mind can become aligned with clarity, with facts, with logic and with our intuitive selves, so we identify with the whole and ‘one’ that we are, rather than the polarization of energy that builds the ego. When we move the old mechanism/paradigm of separation out of the way, we enter the present; we align with what is going on around us in the present moment and with our intuitive forces. We are whole; we become aligned with everything around us.  It is from the ONE that the solutions to what’s going on, become Self evident. If we don’t align with who we are as ONE, as Lester Levenson said, we are going to allow ourselves to feel as individuals suffering, and to spin in crazed ways with our fears; we are not going to be able to tolerate the change in all the structures that may be coming.

So, releasing (letting go) is becoming even more important now than ever before. Understand that your direction is through the difficult feelings – let them be and let them go – rest into this place of mental knowingness, where you are able to see things very clearly here in the present moment, where you will be able to detach your mind from rolling around in the negativity. Let go of always thinking of the personal ‘me’, me the isolated individual failing, or me the isolated individual having a fight to keep things going.

In these difficult times, do not allow yourself to isolate, to drown in negative feelings, or fears, nor think you are going to sort it all out. We need to really let that go, to surrender these feelings and be here in this present moment with clarity, with vision, with being able to see, and be able to intuit, and use that quantum wholeness that is available to us, connected to all things infinitely. Know that you are connected, not separate and alone.

The changes are heralding a wonderful thing. It is now time for everything, all of us in the world, to live the connection - we are all connected, it’s all one.  It is a shift out of that place where we are so tempted by fears to act and identify as an individual ‘me’, to take over, to fix it, to move it.  We are tempted to be individuals because of the fear.

It is a wonderful opportunity now to surrender that and to be able to be here now, in this moment, - - clear, united in openness, in freedom!   - Love Karyn


Posted: November 13, 2011 at 11:54 AM
By: inpathways
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