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Sibling Rivalry or Jealousy – A Deeper Release

I had a great deal of response to the previous article on Sibling Rivalry.  This is a follow-up!

How did you do with your releasing on jealousy or sibling rivalry?  If you allow yourself to stay with that feeling and go a bit deeper, you might get at some deep ideas or core beliefs about yourself, (of course there is no self, but this jealousy leads you to believe there is definitely a self), a self that deeper down feels there is no hope to ever be as good as or like that other person, that brother or sister. And as much as you might want to spin in the energy of jealousy, deep down you might actually be feeling defeated and that there is no point and am basically relegated to second-class all my life!  Things like that tend to brew and they are just feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

So I invite you right now to take your jealousy feelings just a little deeper; to think of an incident where again you felt jealous, a sibling or a co-worker, and again to just allow yourself to sit back in this present moment where you can take a little time to examine what's going on deep inside; to feel the contracted energy of that jealousy and perhaps even take it a little deeper and notice other feelings that are stirring.  Deeper feelings about not trusting or doubting myself or my approval levels, deep beliefs that it is hopeless and I will never become good enough. 

Just breathe and notice how these are feelings and they become very strong pictures of a 'me' and 'my life', and they feel so 'personal'. We always want to get back up in the energy of doing something, which really stems from that jealousy and then becomes competition or something similar to that.

See if you can see the whole whirlpool of that activity and how inviting it is always to our attention and focus and, just for now, could you focus on what's really here and now and plain and simple, just life as it is?

And could you let go of wanting to attach to those deeper feelings?

Could you let go of wanting that to be your identity?

And could you welcome that that has never been you?

These are just feelings and feelings are not who you are.

Love, Karyn


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Posted: September 30, 2011 at 09:36 PM
By: inpathways
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