Releasing on Judgment (Part 2)
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By: inpathways
We are ‘pulled’ out of unconscious awareness and we focus on thinking. The immediate...
Releasing on Judgment (Part 1)
Jan 13, 2 years ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
We resist disappointment, we resist in the judgment energy of pride, thinking “I thought I...
2015: The World Is In You
Jan 9, 2 years ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
It is a new year and in my experience as a psychotherapist and Sedona Method Instructor/Coach...
It's Made A Big Difference in My Life - Testimonial
Jan 9, 2 years ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
Dear Karyn, I thought I'd share with you a couple of great gains with you and also to thank you...
'Tis the Season of Joy
Dec 22, 2 years ago | (0) Comments
By: inpathways
I am sending all of you the deepest sense of peace and joy, in the light of presence. During the...
The Royal "We"
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I have always had problems distinguishing between my own feelings and the feelings of the...
Being Here is Enough!
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Lately I've been thinking about Lester Levenson's quote "we could see perfection where the...
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I have a client who always had a problem with her relationship with her mother and it was always...
The Story of Pain
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I would like to do a release on looking at pain and discomfort, and those types of symptoms, in a...
Letting Go of The Ego
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The first time you turned on a light switch, did you know how it worked?  Probably...


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Releasing on Judgment (Part 2)

We are ‘pulled’ out of unconscious awareness and we focus on thinking. The immediate judgment/reaction we have to the feelings that rise results in our inability to focus, constant memories of the past and anticipation of the future. Judging is a thinking process and awareness is an intuitive process, so that might be the real defining line on how we are focusing on one versus the other. It isn’t wrong to be focused on feelings and judgments – it is part of the total awareness of what is. It all arises from the same place.  There is only one energy, creating into form experiences and dissolving back out. 

If we were less attached to the ‘human consciousness of thought and feeling’ that arises, and we resisted it less, we could allow the formed experience to rise and then let go.  There is a poem by Lao Tzu on The Thousand Things, and it alludes to this very process and how we can maintain our true nature, awareness and wisdom.

We did experience and let go naturally as children – we fell down, cried with the pain, slowly recovered as no real damage was done, and moved on to the next moment in the day, off playing again.  All experiences, accepted as is, and let go. There is nothing more to be done.  It is natural and it is our birthright to be more ‘free’ from the obsessive focus brought on by thought and judgment in reaction to a feeling or feelings. Experience is the basis of ‘form’.  But who we are is not experience itself?  It does not make a ‘good’ or ‘inadequate’ “me” identity.

See if you can spot your attachment or resistance to judgment – to the meaning we have since put onto temporary painful events.   We start by not being aware of any option other than to focus quickly on the ‘pain’- it feels like the only way to live and to get through - but there is a different perspective with complete acceptance and less of an attachment.   Allow that intense focus on a ‘painful’ past event.  It’s a memory - it isn’t really happening here in this moment – notice that.   So can you allow the focus again on the painful memory?

Can you allow the relaxation back into the greater awareness of it all?

And then could you just let it all go, just for now, and rest back in the stillness itself for a moment and just be? 

When we are so drawn to the sensations of thought, judgment and feeling, we might have trouble seeing the reality of the NOW moment. But that reality of this moment, which extends into everything, all the time, includes the sensations you are experiencing and have given such strong meaning to.  We focus on the story, memory or problem that seems to be here but is really just in our mind’s eye. It is really like watching a TV show or movie; it seems so realistic when we are drawn in, yet we are really just watching – we are in the theatre of life and aware of all that goes on.  Everything is ethereal and changeable.

It is all one.


Tao Te Ching (16)

Should you empty yourself of everything,

In perfect serenity,

Then you may ultimately intuit, 

The Ten Thousand things in flux,

Also return to the source ultimately.

The Ten Thousand things move in various ways,
Each returns to the source,
Returning is in serenity, 
And this is called the Primordial ought. - Lao Tzu



Posted: January 16, 2015 at 10:17 AM
By: inpathways
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Releasing on Judgment (Part 1)

We resist disappointment, we resist in the judgment energy of pride, thinking “I thought I was done with this already”.  We judge the feelings that arise.  Judgment itself arises in various ‘feelings’ - we’re resisting in our annoyance, our frustration, our anger - we resist at various levels in that Chart of Emotions.  If you don’t actually say “well that’s ok that I’m disappointed - that it’s there but can I see that too as just another feeling”, then you get stuck in the judgment that the feeling is actually there.

Our resistance or attachment are the basic ways we grab the things that are floating through consciousness.  We just happen to judge and have opinions about that which arises. The mind is constantly looking at everything, saying “OMG what’s that, or oh no not that again”.  The mind works in pride – the energy of judgment. When we judge “is that ok or not, is it right or wrong, good or bad,” we are resisting the ‘bad’ and attaching to the ‘good’ and therefore holding the flow of energy from it’s free fluid expression – which is a temporary experience in that moment.   

Judgment of what arises then leads to fear – “oh no, that’s not a good feeling “– we tighten more in an attempt to correct it – then we think even more – and create problems around it that seem ‘logical’ or realistic. We then are in an illusion of what is happening. 

See if you can feel that.  Can you just feel your identification with that judging, observing mind?  Can you feel your identification with judgment?

Let’s just do a little bit of loosening that up.  So what is the advantage to you of judging? 

Example:   “It keeps me working to be a better person; keeps me growing.”

Can you let yourself open to how you feel when you think that way?  Feel just how convinced we really are and believe that we are on a self-improvement program with judgment.   Open to the belief we often hold that we have to be a good person and we believe judgment is the way to go to keep us in line.   Feel the underpinnings of the energy of the belief that there really is a right and a wrong.  There is a fear there.   See if you can allow that – open up that body and breathe deeply, while that fear sensation arises, like a previously suppressed beach ball that was being held tightly under the water. 

Can you allow yourself to open to the grounded and centered awareness of being here now, watching a sensation?

Be here now, breathing and getting in touch again with that inner essence, welcoming the feelings in your hands, feeling the energy of just being  - this is how we are dis-identifying or detaching from experiencing that fear or judgment with such serious belief that it is so important and real.  Feel the centering presence that is just here all the time, and just feel the energy of the judgment or fear. 

Notice how the nature of judgment is to be well intended – trying to help a ‘sense of you as a person’ to become a ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ person.  Can you allow the well-intended energy pattern to simply be a sensation – just a feeling or energy? That is also true.  In the presence of the here and now, as you notice the current visual, hearing and body sensations in the room you are in, you will be aware that ‘FEAR’ or thoughts about something are simply passing through your consciousness – no one else sees them.  They are only important if you follow them, attach to them and get lost in them, creating a story like a day dream.

Simply allow yourself to go back and forth between the feeling of being grounded and present and quite aware of the truth of the peace in the very moment you are in, where you are sitting and then open to the feeling of judgment, tension and/or fear.  Become aware of how attached you might be to the importance and belief in judgment.   

Now come back to just being present, just feeling what it is like to not be under the stress of a right or a wrong. And then again, allow the feeling of the well-intended judgment that we really rely on in so many ways as an important guide in life.

And then, in this moment, see if you can find the presence in between the molecules of all the judgment and fear sensation.  Then can you feel tightness and the way it contracts and your focus is pulled towards that important sensation of fear and we may lose sight of the awareness of the moment?

See if you can feel the awareness that’s right there between all those molecules and how the whole experience is like the Infinity symbol – in awareness and then ‘pulled out’ of it to contract around the ‘meaningful’ experience of judgment or fear - in and out.  We do not have to judge the judgment.  It all rises from presence.  It creates the human experiences in the world of form.  It’s natural for it to be happening because it is the blend of experiences in form, with the presence awareness of experience, all at the same time.

Can you simply rest with that? 

Love, Karyn


Posted: January 13, 2015 at 11:29 AM
By: inpathways
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2015: The World Is In You

It is a new year and in my experience as a psychotherapist and Sedona Method Instructor/Coach there are a lot of stories from people who feel too much is going on 'in the world' and they are experiencing fear and many changes such as loss of income, possibly loss of jobs for some of them, loss of some relationships, either through death or just people getting stirred up and separating from each other.  

People are really spiralling and it is difficult to keep the mind out of that spiral energy! It wants to jump in, as always, and try to do something to fix it, change it, feel guilty about it or something like that. When your focus is pulled into that spin and you ‘think’ while you have those feelings on board, (apathy, grief, fear) you begin to develop very dreadful and dismal stories. As a result of the stories a lot of people are spiraling into anxiety and depression, isolating themselves, thinking “it is all happening to me” - the individual.  It can feel really lonely and dreadful in that experience.

It is not all happening to you, in fact I believe it’s happening on a global level. Everything is shaking and all structures are crumbling and we are going through a series of upheavals and shifts. Things as we have known them are shifting or EVOLVING and we are not going back to the familiar world. Our structures are falling. The answer, however, is to not jump in with a frantic mind trying to solve everything!  That has always been the way we have done it. We have always gone in with our mental constructs to try to fix it and rescue it. None of that is going to work! We can’t rescue with our heads when we identify as the ego. We can’t operate from a fear driven perspective where the mind jumps in to try to do its best (as it wants to do!). That mechanism is finally failing us in all ways.

On all levels, individually and on a global scale, it is time to STOP and PURGE. We must stop creating and using our ‘individual’ minds from a fear base.  The temptation to be so self-important and insist on fixing things is what causes more and more of the dreaded crises. We just circulate in the same old stuff, and what we need to do is break the egoic mind from that habit and purge this stuff! 

We have been releasing – which has given us the tool to move the egoic “me" out of its involvement with all of the fearful feelings. For many years we have tried to manage feelings and change them, make things better – because we are over-identified with these feelings as being a ‘me’.  We get very panicky and we isolate when we think we are having these horrible feelings. This mismanagement of difficult feelings leads the mind trying to build compensating roles and as we play these roles, we see the results of how the world has functioned to date.  It is finally spinning out of control – it is ‘maxed out’ – it is collapsing – and ready for a new paradigm of functioning. And that's OK!

The planet’s orbit was faced with an ‘ending’ of sorts, which correlated with the speculation about the meaning of 2012, and what will happen with all the electro-magnetic and other forces as the earth is moving  through to this part of its orbit in the Universe? Well, how did we manage that "ending"? We don’t often manage endings well because we keep panicking when we feel the feelings that are precipitated by apparent endings. We like to look backward to regain what we had because we fear the unknown future. What is required is the courage to look forward in trust.

As individual body/minds we need to do to break the mind’s habits of getting involved with these difficult feelings and stay the course where the mind can become aligned with clarity, with facts, with logic and with our intuitive selves, so we identify with the whole and ‘one’ that we are, rather than the polarization of energy that builds the ego. When we move the old mechanism/paradigm of separation out of the way, we enter the present; we align with what is going on around us in the present moment using our intuitive forces. We are whole; we become aligned with everything around us.  It is from the ONE that the solutions to what’s going on, become Self evident. If we don’t align with who we are as ONE, as Lester Levenson said, we are going to allow ourselves to feel as individuals suffering, and to spin in crazed ways with our fears; we are not going to be able to tolerate the change in all the structures that may be coming.

So, releasing (letting go) is becoming even more important now than ever before. Understand that your direction is through the difficult feelings – let them be and let them go – rest into this place of mental knowingness, where you are able to see things very clearly here in the present moment, where you will be able to detach your mind from rolling around in the negativity. Let go of always thinking of the personal ‘me’, me the isolated individual failing, or me the isolated individual having a fight to keep things going.

In the changing times do not allow yourself to isolate, to drown in negative feelings or fears, nor think you are going to figure it all out!  We need to really let that go, to surrender these feelings and be here in this present moment with clarity, with vision, with being able to see and be able to intuit and use that quantum wholeness that is available to us, connected to all things infinitely. Know that you are connected, not separate and alone.  In the oneness, the Universe is in all of us.

These changes are heralding a wonderful thing. It is now time for everything, all of us in the world, to live the connection - we are all connected, it’s all one. It is a shift out of that place where we are so tempted by fears to act and identify as an individual ‘me’, to take over, to fix it, to move it.  We are tempted to be individuals because of the fear.

It is a wonderful opportunity now to surrender that and to be able to be here now, in this moment, - - clear, united in openness, in freedom!  Love, Karyn


Posted: January 9, 2015 at 08:51 AM
By: inpathways
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It's Made A Big Difference in My Life - Testimonial

Dear Karyn,

I thought I'd share with you a couple of great gains with you and also to thank you for them... 

I am having great time with the 'allowing' method. My releasing has gone to a toally different level now that I am using this method. I was struggling with a lot of fears so much so that I had a near death experience several weeks ago. Its still a mystery to me how I am still alive, but I'll tell you the details some other time. I feel 'allowing' the fears as opposed to immediately 'releasing' them has helped me a LOT. 

As a result, my clients also have benefitted tremendously from the 'holistic method' release. I was able to help a particular client release most of his feelings in one session. Even though he has been releasing with me for a few months and has done a lot of work on exercises, he was never able to actually let them go. He carried a lot of stuckness and dissatisfaction and helpnessness with himself!

He had a few traumas and other issues from his childhood and he always talked about them. Last week, I combined welcoming and accepting method with the holistic release.  I asked him to bring up all the feelings about being stuck, not moving forward, guilt and anger feelings from childhood, from being stuck in the same job, his life situation, all at once and welcome them all, allow them, and then what would be the opposite of that and then welcoming that and accepting that.  After he did that back and forth several times, new stuff kept on coming up around the same issues. We kept at it for an hour and a half until his mind became totally quiet. When he emerged from his quiet state, he was amazed to discover that he had no more feelings or charge about any of those feelings that had tormented him for decades. He said its all like watching a silent movie now... I can still see it, but I have no charge. It was very satisfying to see him drop all that in the moment and he was very grateful and promised to continue 'checking' to see if there is still something left and work on it himself by using the holistic method.   

Thank you and Hale for this great method and for sharing it. Its already making a big difference in my life and I believe in my client's life!


"B.J." Toronto Life Coach 


Posted: January 9, 2015 at 08:25 AM
By: inpathways
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'Tis the Season of Joy

I am sending all of you the deepest sense of peace and joy, in the light of presence. During the holiday season there is an incredible opportunity to feel the love that is all around you – it is there supporting you all the time – it is connected fully to you and your essence. 

This is a time to become quieter, to listen and go ‘inward’ – to notice the trailings of energy from the ego that tempt you to ‘be a person’, striving still in those well- intended urges, to be ‘good’.  

It is a time to choose to anchor in who you truly are, and see the thoughts and feelings and concepts more clearly as simply energy passing through. There is no need to stop to give that much attention – a simple acceptance is required. Knowing the Self, anchoring in presence is the priority.

In the New Year of 2015 I will be doing support calls for those who would like to join, release, reflect and choose presence over all temptation to create from fear and judgment.  The first support call will be on January 17, 2015 at 11 am EST.  It is time for us to make a firm decision – to want freedom, ‘more than a drowning man want air’, as Lester Levenson would say.

Namaste to all, as one soul expanding in connection – intending for you all good things - love and peaceful guidance and support. - Karyn Klapecki


Posted: December 22, 2014 at 09:59 AM
By: inpathways
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