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The Illusory ‘self’

It drives everything, Arising from the experience Of the very young, perhaps infant, child. It builds defenses, ways to compensate For loss, pain, abandonment, A hard shell to protect the vulnerable child. It hides the need for approval Behind a curtain of grief, anger and pride, Eroding self-esteem day by day. It informs the focus…
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The path to ‘freedom and happiness’

The path to ‘freedom and happiness’ seems to open with our willingness to look at life through the lens of objective non-judging observation and apply tools that allow us to deconstruct old patterns of reaction and behavior and shift to clarity of thinking and presence. We grew up in the world and had experiences that…
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Authentic loving relationships

Are you tired of looking for a ‘soul mate’, ‘a special romantic love’, or tired of the seduction game or the flush of initial passion that soon fades into disappointment, feelings of failure and hurt? You can redefine what a relationship means for you. It is liberating to feel from an authentically loving heart. It…
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Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Emotional reactions, born of ignorance or inadvertence, are never justified. Seek a clear mind and a clear heart. All you need is to keep quietly alert, enquiring into the real nature of yourself. This is the only way to peace” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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