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Outward focus…. but what about INWARD?

Your sensory perceptions (5 sense organs) are all outward bound.  We can't scan internally with those 5 senses.  We don't hear all the inner sounds of the body.  You don't feel your blood pulsing.  But you can feel a spider on your skin.  These sensory organs deal with survival of the physical body. But the…
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You are a ‘verb’

You are NOT a noun.   We identify as a separate Me.  I.   As an object in the world. You are a verb.  There are no boundaries – energy expands and is constantly interacting with all the energy of all that is.  As you realize your true essence, there is no you, just the immense expansiveness,…
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LIFE Requires your attention and involvement

Life requires absolute involvement.  With attentive awareness to everything, big or small, in every moment, wisdom unfolds gradually within you. It is wise to drop the rules and values you hang onto as you realize that you are caught up in a ‘false and futile’ attempt to become a 'good' separate 'me’, which uses a…
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FOCUS on what you DO WANT

  Lester Levenson left us with the beautiful tool of releasing unwanted emotions, beliefs and thoughts that limit us from seeing the simple truth of who we really are.   And he also suggested that we could simply focus on what we do 'want'.   We are used to focusing on the things we don't like and…
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